Saturday, Oct. 25th Schedule

Providence Grove HS    &      Ragsdale HS

11:15 am Dressed in Windsuit / Theme T-shirt / Shoes / Seated in bandroom

11:45 am Load Buses

12:00 pm Leave NWGHS

1:00 pm Arrive @ PGHS

Get something to eat at concession stands

2:15 pmGet dressed

2:45 pmWarm-ups

3:30 pm Performance

4:00 pm Pack up Instruments / Equipment / Remain dressed

4:30 pm Leave Providence Grove HS


5:15 pm Arrive at Ragsdale HS

Unload buses / eat dinner at concession stands

Watch West Forsyth & Clover Garden HS perform

Return to bus / finished getting dressed / get equipment

7:25 pm Warm-ups

8:15 pm Performance

9:00 pm Awards

10:00 pm Leave RHS

11:00 pm Arrive @ NWGHS

Help the Band Programs by ‘BUYING A BRICK’ !  

These will be placed in the NEW stadium main entrance for everyone to see.  Great way to Honor a Northwest Band Member for life.  

Click HERE for an order form or contact Mr. McMath with any questions.